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County Meet General Information

Each team is assigned a designated section in the spectator viewing area.  Each family will receive 3 tickets per session for Sessions 1, 3, and 4. Only 2 tickets per family will be given for Session 2.  Overflow tickets are available for free at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center for families who need additional tickets, however, these seats are separate from the designated team viewing section.  Overflow seating will be along the side of the prime seating areas.  Security will assist spectators to their designated areas.  Participating swimmers do not need a ticket for their specific session.

Once the county hands out the tickets for each session they will be placed in your family file box at the pool.  We will notify you when the tickets are available.  If you know that your family will not be using all 3 tickets please let the swim managers know so other families may use them.  

Parents are not allowed on deck except to escort a swimmer to the team area before warm up.  Once warm up starts only adults with official badges will be allowed on the pool deck.  Swimmers are asked to remain in the team area for the duration of their swim session.  Three coaches and one parent volunteer from our team will be on deck to make sure all swimmers are safe and where they need to be for their races.

At the County Meet noise makers are not allowed. The officials of the meet ask that you kindly refrain from using flash photography for the starts.

2018 Championship Meet Order of Events

GT Natatorium Seating Diagram

2018 GCSL Championship Meet Info

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