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Swim Meet Survival Tips & What To Bring

Reminders for Parents

  • Drink lots of water 
  • Protect yourself from the sun and bugs: wear sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and bring bug spray
  • B.Y.O.C. (Bring your own chair)
  • Bring highlighter and/or pen for the heat sheets and a Sharpie pen to write on your swimmer
  • Bring $$$ for heat sheets and concession stand
  • Notify your swimmer(s) where you will be sitting and know where they are. They should be in the bullpen and not with you.
  • Remind your child to listen to the Bullpen Parents and stay with their age group. Bullpen parents will not have time to run around to locate missing swimmers!
  • Locate the event board and remind your swimmer to keep an eye on the board for their upcoming events.
  • Make sure ALL of your swimmers personal items are labeled (shirts, towels, bags, etc.).  It is easy to identify lost and found items if your swimmers name is on them.

Reminders for Swimmers

  • Wear swimsuit under clothes for a quick change
  • Drink lots of water or sports drinks (you don’t realize you are sweating)
  • Apply sunscreen and reapply it when necessary
  • Eat healthy snacks
  • Stay in your designated area
  • Ask your Bullpen Parent before leaving the area to use the restroom, go to the concession stand or talk to your parents. The Bullpen Parent will let you know when you are schedule to swim.  They will NOT look for you for when they start lining up and you may miss your event if you are not with your group.
  • Locate the event board and be ready to approach the ready bench area approximately five (5) events before you are scheduled to swim
  • Nutritional Guidelines: Swimming races is highly demanding and burns a lot of energy. It is very important to stay properly hydrated and nourished during a meet. It’s easy to forget about this in the excitement of the event, especially if you are spending your time between races socializing with your teammates or watching other swimmers compete. Swimmers should eat a healthy breakfast the day of any meet. Avoid dairy products. Limit candy or sweets, eat fruit, granola bars, sports drinks, and drink lots of water!!
  • You represent The Fields Club swim team so be on your best behavior

What to Bring for Swimmers:

  • Small canvas bag/duffel bag for belongings (LABEL EVERYTHING)
  • Sharpie pen to write events, heats and lane numbers on forearm or leg
  • Two towels (one to sit on, one to dry with)
  • Two pair of goggles (in case one breaks)
  • Swim Cap
  • Team T-shirt or cover-up
  • Shoes/sandals
  • Something to do…cards, books, hand held games, etc. (LABEL EVERYTHING)
  • Bring or buy drinks
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