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Volunteer Job Descriptions

BULLPEN (Home & Away Meets)  The Bullpen volunteers supervise children in the following age groups: 6 & under, 7-8, and 9-10. They escort children to the restroom (6 & under) and ensure that children in their age group make it to the blocks in time for their individual and relay events. The Bullpen volunteers should remind their swimmers to be on good behavior and to stay in their respective age group areas and not walking around the meet. By keeping swimmers in their age group areas, it makes finding and organizing the swimmers much easier. We would like every swimmer to make it to the blocks in time for their events, however, it is not your responsibility to track down missing swimmers.

*  Bullpen Instructions

*  Bullpen Cheat Sheet

CASHIER (Home Meets)  The Cashier will be responsible for taking money, providing correct change and selling heat sheets. A calculator will be provided.

COMPUTER (Home Meets)  The computer volunteer will sit in a quiet, air-conditioned room, and enter the times from the paper timer sheets into the computer. The computer chair will be available throughout the meet to answer questions and resolve problems. 

CONCESSIONS (Home Meets)  The Concessions volunteer job includes setup, wrapping and serving food, drinks, ice cream and clean up.

GRILLERS (Home Meets)  The Griller volunteer gets the grill started before the meet and grills food for the concession stand as needed throughout the meet.

TIMER (Home & Away Meets) This job is essential to running a swim meet, but is not difficult. If you like to be close to the action, this is the job for you. There are 2 timers per lane (one from each team). When the Meet Official sounds the starting tone the Lane Timers start their stopwatches. When the swimmer touches the end wall, the timers in that lane stop their watches.   You will be right at the edge of the pool so please make sure to wear shorts / shoes that you don't mind getting wet!

OK so you are a timer

TIMER BACKUP (Home Meets & Away)  The Lane Timer Backup volunteer is a backup for the lane timers in the event a timing volunteer is not present, needs a restroom break, or must leave due to an emergency. This volunteer also assists the runner in collecting/distributing the timer sheets and DQ slips. 

PASTA MAKER (Home Meets)  The Pasta Maker will make the famous Fields Club pasta salad prior to each home meet.

RIBBONS (Home & Away Meets)  The Ribbons volunteers peel and stick labels on the back of the place ribbons, sort ribbons for distribution and distribute ribbons in the corresponding swimmer folders. This position begins in the 2nd half of the meet and will last after the meet has finished.  

RUNNER (Home Meets)  The Runner volunteer is responsible for retrieving lane sheets from the timers (as the timers complete each lane sheet) and DQ slips from the Stroke and Turn Judges. The scoring runner then puts the timer sheets in order by lane and delivers both to the scorekeeper located in the office. 

GATEKEEPER (Home Meets) - The Gate Keeper volunteer assists the runner and data entry people with clarification of scores, assist opposing team verifies with questions, and post the scores to the board for viewing

Gate Keeper

SCORE VERIFICATION (Away Meets)  -  The Score Verification Volunteers work with a partner to verify the results have been entered correctly for our team.

Computer Verification

SETUP (Home Meets)  For home meets, the Setup volunteer will need to arrive around 3:30pm to help prepare the pool area the afternoon of the meet prior to the swimmers meet-prep practice.  Home meet setup includes setting up tents and tarps, setting up ready bench chairs behind the blocks, roping off the pool deck, moving tables and chairs, etc. This position requires some heavy lifting, however, your job is finished prior to the beginning of the meet! 

STAGING (Home & Away Meets)  The Staging volunteer is behind the starting blocks making sure the swimmers are lined up and ready for their races. They make sure the swimmers in their lane are lined up in the correct event and heat order, and make sure each swimmer steps up to the blocks for their event. Heat sheets are provided so these volunteers know the order of swimmers for each lane, event and heat.  Swimmers can be distracted easily (especially the young ones), so it is important for the Staging volunteers to make sure the swimmers actually step up to the blocks when it is their turn to race. The Staging volunteers positions both require an understanding of heat sheets and how swimmers are lined up for races.

STROKE & TURN JUDGE (Home & Away Meets)  The Stroke and Turn Judge volunteers determine whether the technical aspects of the swimmers strokes are legal. It requires knowledge of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, and a willingness to fairly disqualify swimmers from both teams when appropriate. The positions require attendance of a training session provided by Gwinnett County Swim League, and will be filled prior to registration.

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