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Website FAQ

Thanks for being part of the The Fields Club Swim Team! We are looking forward to another fun season! Our website has all of the information about the season that you need to know, so please make sure to check back frequently for updates. * Important: If you are not receiving team communications via email, please contact the web administrator at

Have there been changes to the site? 

We introduced this new website this year.  Please take a minute to look through the site so you are familiar with where everything is located.

Is the Website Secure?

Yes. In order to protect the privacy of our families, some areas of the website and some documents posted on the website are secure and will require a login and password to access. Access to secure areas of the website become available after families register.

What is your Login and Password? 

To login to the site, click the “Sign-In” grey tab at the top right of the site and login with your user name and password.

  • Login – The email addresses you entered on the “Registration: Parent Info” page can be used to login to the website.If you entered more than one email address, any of the email addresses you provided should allow you to login to the site.
  • Password – The information to set up a password will be sent to you in an email after you register separate from the registration confirmation email. 

Do I have to RSVP "Yes" or "No" for each meet?

YES, all  families must log into the website and RSVP (either Yes or No) to let us know if your swimmers will be attending the meets. The website RSVP feature will be the only way that we will know your swimmer’s intention. It is quick, easy and you can RSVP for all of the meets from your computer in a matter of minutes.

Where can I see our family information?

After you login, click the "Actions" tab at the top left of the site and click the "Parent Page". The parent page shows your volunteer assignments, commitments, RSVP's and spirit purchases, as well as your contact information, your swimmer(s) profile and meet results. If you need to update your contact information or change your password, both can be done on the parent page.

How will we communicate with you?

We will be emailing directly from the website and will use the email addresses and phone numbers from your Parent Page to contact you, so please make sure to review it for accuracy. You can update your contact information if needed by clicking the "Update Profile"  button on on the parent profile page. 

* Important Note: Multiple email addresses must be separated by a comma, and phone numbers should be in the following format "555-555-1212". 

Website Questions? Please contact the website administrator at

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